Maggie, Ben & Beau go home before the storm

It was a fun, first visit to Boulder Junction for Beau Bella Altobelli but it’s time to go home and see Papa Dominic. The Lexus pulled away at 8:15 a.m. well ahead of the predicted severe afternoon thunderstorms.

Beau sleeping on the way home to Chicago

Malena & Scott have a wonderful steak & eggs breakfast at the Grainary where social distancing between tables is in effect. Malena displayed massive, Keto-diet willpower in only glancing at the cinnamon rolls on the way out!

We got home and took a brief tour around the lake in the boat before heading back to get everything cleaned up outside before hunkering down to watch the storm roll in.

Boat lift busted so we go manual. Maggie catches The Big Bass!

Who’s Here: Scott, Malena, Maggie, Ben, Beau

Here’s your winning fish for Memorial Weekend Sunday!

We awoke to find the boat lift not working. The steel lift cable has wedged itself between the chain and the gear sprocket so Malena and I try to fix it which frees the cable but breaks the chain. Jeff Thiel is called but he can’t come over because he doesn’t “spend so time with my family this weekend, my wife will divorce me.”

I manually push the boat off the lift and everybody goes midday fishing! We hit Ben’s hottest spots and get a few bites but then he has a nice one on in Beaver House Bay but it gets away. Shoot!

We came in to watch The Match between Tiger, Phil, Peyton Manning & Tom Brady. Very entertaining for those of us who like golf, plus it was great to at least watch some live sports beyond ESPN’s bags matches (what?) for the first time since The Players Championship got called off on March 13 — 10 weeks ago.

No Masters. No start to the baseball season. No NCAA Tournament. No regular season for the NBA season. No Kentucky Derby. Only The Last Dance to look forward to and now that’s over. Strange days indeed.

After some delicious burgers from Malena’s Grill, we head out for a final fishing event for Ben & Maggie. Scott lands a little rock bass at The Rock on a jig & nightcrawler while Maggie takes home the big prize with a 15″ smallmouth on the Williams shoreline using…what else… a Stephanie #3 perch.

Big Spades Tournament. Round 2. This time it’s Maggie & Ben vs. Malena & Scott. Team Parents stages a thrilling come-from-behind victory 270-150 while Team Millennial disputes each others’ strategy. Hahaha!

Beau has some tummy troubles all night but lets us know when she has to go! We love her!